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Unified Communication as a Service

Unified Communication as a Service

Unified Communication as a Service brings new opportunities unified_communication_as_a_service

Cloud technology is bringing all kinds of services to consumers with just a click of the mouse, and Unified Communication as a Service is the newest offering from NEC. Telephone service from the Cloud is commonly referred to as VaaS (Voice as a Service), SaaS (Software as a Service), or UCaaS (Unified Communication as a Service).

The education industry is in a struggle everyday with lower budgets, and looking for places to cut cost that won’t sacrifice the education and opportunities they provide to the students. Unified Communication as a Service will assist in this endeavor, and it will facilitate your e-rate purchases too!

Many benefits are created when implementing cloud telephone services

Unified Communication as a Service will save on cost…

  • The upfront costs are lower due to no re-wiring of the building.
    • All you need is your telephones and a single router! There will be no more big server closet taking up space anymore, because the in-house server is now located off-site in secure data centers. This allows for no capital investment and no drain on IT resources.
  • Your telephone service and additional options are consolidated into one monthly bill.
    • Lease or financing options are available for the telephone equipment, which can be included into your monthly payment as an operating expense. This saves the facility from a large initial investment for hardware.

Increase efficiency… cloud telephone services

  • Hosted telephone service from the cloud helps businesses keep critical communications operational during times of emergency.
    • When a disaster or network outage occurs with normal PBX telephone service, your phone communications will be down until the phone company can restore the service. Cloud services will still work during emergencies, because there are back-up and fail-over options from servers located in multiple positions around the country, allowing your school to stay connected and operational.
  • The system and features are scalable as the campus grows or downsizes, or as seasonal needs require, with no extra cost to the school to make these changes.
    • Changes can be executed through a browser based web portal that lets you quickly manage your phone system and administrative tasks. So any changes to the service and feature functions will be quick and easy, which is also saving your school the need for IT resources to manage the system (as a PBX system would require).

And provides more productivity!

  • Provides consistent, easy to access communications for users across multiple locations and/or geographic regions.
    • Easily support mobile and remote workers, keeping them connected and productive. Since cloud services operate with an IP connection, employees could easily take home their desktop phones and work just as if they were right in the office. There is also more mobility options for those who need to stay connected on the run.
  • There is no need for allocating funds for future software updates, because these are done automatically and are ongoing with the life of the service.
    • Your campus will always have the latest features that will keep your employees working at top productivity, with no further investment to upgrade, saving on cost.

Find out if Unified Communication as a Service is right for your campus!

cloud_benefitsThere are many benefits as you can see, which allows for many possibilities when implementing telephone service from the cloud. Each individual locations will have the options tailored precisely for their requirements and intended uses. If you would like to learn more on how this service works, click here.

Or you can contact us today to receive more tailored information on this telephone service, discover how it could directly benefit your school, and how to facilitate your e-rate purchases! Free quotes always provided!

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