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Network Cable Installation

Network Cable Installation

A proper network cable installation is imperative

Education facilities require a good network cable installation that will support all the needs that technology entails in this day and age. Good cabling is the base of the structure that is going to set the foundation for a system that will work accurately and at top efficiency.

Make sure your network will support your campus now and in future

fiber_optic_and_data_cablingMost network failures are routed from bad or incorrect wiring problems and not the actual service or equipment. Whether you are building a new school, need to update an existing building or are having technical issues with your equipment we can help.

All of Guyette Communication Industries’ engineers and technicians are manufacturer-certified and backed by outstanding test gear to get to the real root of the problem. We also have a RCDD on staff available to oversee ongoing project requirements for industry standard certification. Any network cable installation by our team will be top-knotch and efficient.

CAT6, CAT5e, Fiber or Coax Cable

Our certified technicians can handle any size job:

• Certified Hubbell Premise Wiring – 25 year warranty!
• Leviton Certified Cabling Systems Partner
• ADC/Krone Certified Partner

Contact us today, for more information pertaining to your education facilities network cable installation needs!

Tomorrow's Technology Starts Today

There is an abundance of technology surrounding us and it is constantly evolving. It seems like every time you buy a new cellphone, the next version is coming out shortly after, which has the one new feature that you need. This concept of evolving technology is what empowered Guyette Communication Industries to become the company we are today.

changing_technologyWith the many years of experience that our employees have accrued, and everyone’s wide range of knowledge, we feel blessed to have such a hard working team. With this blog we hope to offer the information you need all in one place to make decisions easily and confidently. If there is anything you are looking for specifically, leave us a comment on the contact us page, and we will accommodate any request as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you!

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