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Access Control Systems

Access Control Systems

Access control systems will provide additional protection for your venue!

Man entering security code to unlock the doorEasily protect areas your venue wants to safeguard most with implementing door access control systems. Security needs always vary, and are reliant on the practices and location of the entertainment venue. Adding a door locking system to your security platform, will add another layer of protection, and reduce possible risks for your building.

Door access control systems can also better adapt to changes quickly compared to a lock and key based door security approach. Many venues have switched to proximity key cards or pin numbers, which can be updated and deactivated more easily and quickly, instead of using master keys that have to be changed at a large expense if one is lost or stolen.

The door access control solutions implemented are specific to each location

Guyette Communication Industries install S2 Security door locking equipment to meet the various needs of all our clients. S2 Security pioneered the use of network appliances with 100% browser-delivered content to build flexible door, security and video management systems, while their products are continuously evolving to offer the best security solutions available. access controls

The easy to use software and equipment available can limit access with role based permissions, and also can keep track of who gained access to certain areas at specific times. Door access control systems come with many solutions for:

• Indoor or outdoor use
• Mechanical, electric, or magnetic locking systems
• Easy integration with other security platforms in place
• Limitless arrangements to cover the requirements of each specific area
• Preferred access controls for different spaces- Card (credential), Key fob, Key pad, Biometric

From just one door to every door in the building, our technicians can handle any size job. Please contact us today, to discover what options will provide the best solution for your establishment!

Tomorrow's Technology Starts Today

There is an abundance of technology surrounding us and it is constantly evolving. It seems like every time you buy a new cellphone, the next version is coming out shortly after, which has the one new feature that you need. This concept of evolving technology is what empowered Guyette Communication Industries to become the company we are today.

changing_technologyWith the many years of experience that our employees have accrued, and everyone’s wide range of knowledge, we feel blessed to have such a hard working team. With this blog we hope to offer the information you need all in one place to make decisions easily and confidently. If there is anything you are looking for specifically, leave us a comment on the contact us page, and we will accommodate any request as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you!

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