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Surveillance Systems

Surveillance Systems

Surveillance Systems provide that extra layer of protection!

Vicon_Security_CameraProtecting your venues valuables and property is no easy task in these days of rising crime. Studies have found when surveillance systems are in place crime rates have decreased by more than half, when properly installed and routinely monitored. Implementing the proper solution will also help protect your company from unlawful litigation of false claims when video is capable of providing needed evidence.

A good camera system will pay for itself over time. Results have shown large declines in damaged property, along with reduced theft from employees and customers. Surveillance systems can also be very helpful in finding improvements within processes of the company to save time, reduce cost and increase productivity.

Guyette Communication Industries is an Authorized Vicon Dealer Security_Camera_Systems_Vicon

Surveillance Systems come in various shapes, sizes, with many options:

• Indoor or Outdoor Use Security_Camera_Systems
• Pan, Tilt and Zoom
• Long Range Sights
• Night Vision
• Vandal Proof
• Recording Preferences

Guyette Communication Industries is proud to supply Vicon products because of their proven track record to be industry-leaders in the design and manufacturing of surveillance camera systems and supporting products. The ease of use, smooth integration with other products, and reliable equipment are just a few of the reasons we carry the Vicon brand for our customers.

Vicon supplies customized solutions available to fit any requirements that your organization may have. If you are looking to integrate with existing equipment, or other platforms such as access control, this product will work for you!

No reoccurring licensing fees!

With most open platform surveillance systems the licensing fees you pay usually expire after one year, but most manufacturers won’t mention this. With ViconNet there will never be re-occurring camera licensing fees after your initial purchase, which is another bonus as well!

The possibilities for camera preferences and arrangements are limitless

Security_Camera_IP_ViewingThe more advanced features available today provide great viewing quality, ease of use and more mobility. Being able to view the cameras from any location with an internet connection, email notifications for movement detection during off-hours, and smart app controls for cellphones and tablets make the cameras much more beneficial. The open-platform network allow for the perfect solutions for any size or budget!

Security_Camera_Viewing_OptionsHave peace of mind again and let the knowledgeable employees at Guyette Communications design a surveillance system that will protect your entertainment venue and all your investments. Contact us today to get started on a solution for your location. Free quotes are always provided to our customers!

Tomorrow's Technology Starts Today

There is an abundance of technology surrounding us and it is constantly evolving. It seems like every time you buy a new cellphone, the next version is coming out shortly after, which has the one new feature that you need. This concept of evolving technology is what empowered Guyette Communication Industries to become the company we are today.

changing_technologyWith the many years of experience that our employees have accrued, and everyone’s wide range of knowledge, we feel blessed to have such a hard working team. With this blog we hope to offer the information you need all in one place to make decisions easily and confidently. If there is anything you are looking for specifically, leave us a comment on the contact us page, and we will accommodate any request as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you!

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