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UC Desktop Suite

UC Desktop Suite

The UC Desktop Suite provides complete Unified Communication uc_desktop

NEC’s UC Desktop Suite delivers integrated Unified Communications (UC) that enhance an organization’s productivity and collaboration.

It is a scalable, feature-rich solution that simplifies communications management and enables complete mobility. Specifically developed for small to medium size businesses, UC Desktop Suites’ users become more mobile and efficient.

Productivity is simple with the right tools

UC Desktop Suite provides an easy, affordable way for businesses to implement UC functionality throughout their organization.

It offers a wide-range of capabilities from managing communications on desktop personal computers (PCs), CRM Integration, Presence, collaboration through a multimedia softphone, to placing a complete attendant console right on an operator’s PC.

Features are easy to use, and are accessible from any device

  • Simplified Call Management – users simply click easy-to-understand icons on their computer screens for all calling functions
  • Mobility – through a user’s mobile phone or laptop web-browser, it provides access to and ability to change status, search for contacts and view their status, access additional contact profile information and simply click a contact to place a call
  • Presence – provides users with real-time status and availability of their colleaguesUnified_Communication_Desktop
  • Instant Messaging – enables users to effectively and efficiently communicate in real-time
  • CRM Integration – offers businesses seamless application access to leverage and manage their information more efficiently
  • Quick Messaging – enables users to send a personalized message to one or more colleagues’ PC or multi-line display phone
  • Integration with UNIVERGE SV8100 Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) – enables users to login as an agent and view real-time queue statistics plus monitor ACD states of other agents
  • Integration with UNIVERGE VM8000 InMail – offers quick access to and easy management of messages directly from the UC Desktop Client
  • Multimedia Softphone – enables mobility and sharing of real-time information through advanced UC applications such as videoconferencing, presence, application sharing, whiteboard, chat and file transfer

Making it easy for your employees and customers to stay connected

UC Desktop Suite allows you the option of running it on an NEC internal server blade, or on an external server, it is fully functional either way. With its advanced unified communication applications, businesses are able to collaborate more easily and provide customers the attention they deserve in today’s increasingly mobile world!

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